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Inktober for those afraid to Draw

It’s the first day of Inktober. Illustrators know this. The rest of us might not — but we should, all of us. Because Inktober is awesome. And it’s for everyone. Inktober began in 2009, by artist Jake Parker, as a challenge to improve drawing skills and practices. The gist is simple: you make an ink drawing […]

The Missing Phobias (Fearless February Catch-up)

Life got busy and I missed a week of blogging. That never had any effect before Fearless February, but now I’m many phobias behind. Let’s catch up quickly: 20. Public Spaces can be terrifying because they are full of people and maybe even zombies and you don’t have much control over either of those, hence […]

Who’s Afraid of Clocks? (Fearless February Day 19)

Chronomentrophobia. The fear of clocks. No, I don’t mean the Cold Play song. I mean the thing the mouse ran up. This unusual phobia is not to be confused with Chronophobia, the fear of time (which is much too hard to get your head around), or Gerontophobia, the fear of aging (which is much too […]

Who’s Afraid of Heights? (Fearless February Day 18)

Acrophobia. The fear of heights. If you have this common phobia, you don’t want to live here: You don’t want to walk on this street: And just looking at these old construction photos makes you queasy: Acrophobia can hit you at any time in your life. You could be loving the Ferris wheel every summer […]

Who’s Afraid of Snakes? (Fearless February Day 17)

Ophidiophobia. The fear of snakes. Like Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, and Apiphobia, the fear of bees, Ophidiophobia is a rational fear gone mad. A few snakes are deadly poisonous. And all snakes will bite if you try to pick them up. But that’s no reason to stutter and shake at the sight of these […]

Who’s Afraid of Sharp Things? (Fearless February Day 16)

Aichmophobia. The fear of sharp or pointy things. Now, how could anyone develop this weird phobia?   The Rx? Change your viewing habits.  Have a fearless day.  

Who’s Afraid of Bees? (Fearless February Day 15)

Apiphobia. The fear of bees. We’ve all seen Apiphobics at sidewalk cafes, knocking over wine glasses as they frantically wave their arms and shriek because a bee has flown close. If that’s the extent of your phobia, thanks for entertaining the rest of us. But be warned: fear feeds upon itself and your phobia may […]

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