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Immersed in Student Writing

This Tuesday, I had the pleasure of calling the names of twelve young writers whose short fiction won places in the Ottawa Public Library’s Awesome Authors Contest. What a pleasure to be one of this year’s judges and to read excerpts from the fantastic…

A Celebration of Reading

My home town, Gatineau, is one of this year’s hosts of Canada’s largest festival of reading. We’re an official “Reading Town” this month, with events and presentations┬áthat come to a close tomorrow. It’s all part of the National Reading Campaign’s mission to make reading…

Who’s Afraid of Public Speaking? (Fearless February Day 2)

Glossophobia. The fear of speaking in public. Also called “speech anxiety,” this is the most common phobia in North America. Three out of four people suffer from it — and we suspect there’s something wrong with that fourth guy. I mean, honestly, what kind…

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